We are celebrating three types of Ghanaian Business Owners
For the Hustler looking for funding, for those who want to chill with the big boys and scale their business, for the big boys who want to go global

Develop products that solve real consumer pain points

Bloop provides the right tools, platforms and people to bring your product to market faster. 

Core Expertise:

Web design Mobile Apps Product Design UI.UX Design

Business acumen



We streamline the way you improve ideas, develop products, and plan for launch.


Build Products

Build great products in less time: Build, test, and pick up new ideas. Pulling knowledge from some of the best minds across verticals – Engineering, Design, Growth, Lean Startup and more.


Build Businesses

Connect your organization from idea generation to execution in one place.


Build Talent

The world of work is changing…and so are we. That’s why we’re committed to training, incubating and providing part-time or full-time employment to people who want to start and grow a career in Tech.


Technology and Business Support Services to give you a competitive edge.

You can now move from idea to great product faster. The idea of a product is not enough – you need to be able to build it. That’s where we come in

What makes us unique?

We are one of the few companies around that take your product from idea to implementation.

It doesn’t have to be a tech based product. We can be part of your product design and lead the way to the development of a product people would want.

From ideation to implementation, we go all the way with you. Advising regarding, and assistance in, product design, production, distribution, marketing, financial management, hiring, sales, and service in most markets. Assembling, organizing, training, and engaging empowered winning teams

Have a really
great idea?